Forest Church Diary 2

Forest Church on Easter Sunday

Forest Church Activities

Easter Sunday Forest church included a number of activities including a treasure hunt, egg decoration and an egg hunt. You can see below, photos and  contributions from some of the children who were there.


Milly, aged 6
So the best part of Forest Church for me was the Easter egg hunt because we got to find chocolate eggs and eat some of them! 

Poppy, aged 5
I liked the treasure hunt because I like nature and I saw some pretty flowers.

Izzy, aged 9
At Forest Church today there were lots of fun activities and we even got to do an Easter egg hunt that was super hard to find,  but very fun.

One of the activities was painting an egg. When I got my egg, i painted it red and yellow and it reminded me of Jesus coming alive and rising up again. Then I hung the egg on a tree in the Church for it to be seen.

At the end, after prayers, we had a tea party with lots of cups of tea and biscuits, that were very yummy. It was such a fun day and I would never want to miss Forest Church as it is the best thing ever.

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Forest Church Diary
Sunday 20th March 2022
Open Forest Church Diary

Forest Church - March 2022
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Open Forest Church - March 2022

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